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Game Demos

Here you will find a few game demos of games I've made on my own and a few words about them


Aeolwyn's Legacy 2D

This is a little Unity3D demo game of a 2D RPG that I spent some time working on.  Being a Demo, it's buggy, but an interesting exercise on an old school 2D game in a modern game engine


Aeolwyn's Legacy FPS

This is an unfinished demo of the same 2D RPG game above, migrated to 3D.  As above, it was also done in Unit3D.  Like the 2D version, it's a beta, so there are still bugs, but the base design is still there.

Tim Lang's Snowflakes

This demo is a little mini-game I did in flash.  Actually, I'm surprised it still runs!

Design Document Samples

Below are some samples of game design documents I have written over the years


Wild Frontiers Feature Document

This is a feature document for a Facebook game I tried to get funding for around 2009.  Secured the funding, but payment fell through as the publisher had issues following through


Wild Frontiers GDD

This is the full GDD for Wild Frontiers.  A long read, but worth it for an interesting game!


Dirty Dancing Game Concept

This is a game concept document that I wrote for a client who wanted to make an iPhone game.


Emo Masher GDD

Here was a wacky little game I designed to take advantage of the iPhone's accelerometer in a new and interesting way.

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