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2008 UCLA: Game Design class lecture

2008 E for All Expo   Game Industry Panel

2010 UCLA   Game Design class lecture

2011 LA Film School Game Design class lecture

2012 USC Unity/Xbox Kinect Workshop

2018 LA Film School Game Design class lecture

Articles on Game Design

March 2008  The Fun Instinct, Game Career Guide

Oct 2008  Ways Designers Communicate, GCG

March 2009  Top 10 Tips: Design, GCG 

April 2009 Going from T&M games to E, Gamasutra

May 2009 4 Ways to Write Design Docs, GCG

Educational Appearances

"One of the joys of game design is seeing the effect of your art on the lives of the people who play them"

Interviews, Articles, and Appearances

I have frequently had the privilege of being asked to talk and write about the business of game development and my knowledge of the lore of a particular game.  What follows are a portion of those.

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